Video Premiere : TLC’s ‘Way Back’ Featuring Snoop Dogg


90’s baybehs rejoice!

TLC – easily one of the biggest selling groups of all time – is rightfully credited for being a key player responsible for shaping the musical landscape of the 90’s. The Diamond-certified ‘CrazySexyCool‘ wasn’t just an album y’all – it was a cultural movement which blazed a trail for newer acts to follow!

If you’ve grown up overplaying the ‘Fanmail‘ cassette (remember those?) like me – you’ve been pining for one last TLC album after ‘3D‘, their only album after Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopez’s untimely demise in 2001. Our wish is about to come true on June 30th – as TLC’s self-titled final album is finally scheduled to drop (Hallelujah!).

Leading the project is the nostalgia-drenched lead single ‘Way Back‘ featuring Snoop Dogg, a perfect slice of old school 90’s R’n’B/Soul that would easily fit in on ‘CrazySexyCool‘, and would have probably been a Platinum-certified # 1 smash had it been released in 1996. Alas, we have ‘Bad And Boujee‘ and Justin Bieber these days #TheApocalypseIsReal.

TLC’s just unveiled the video for the new single – their first video in 14 years – and I almost expected Lisa’s vocals to come through instead of Snoop Dogg’s!

Check out the video right  here – it’ll take you back to the good ol’ days when real music played on the radio and made a mark on the charts!