Kate Bush’s ‘And Dream Of Sheep’ (Live) Video Will Leave You Utterly Devastated!


A 50-something living legend in a life-jacket, submerged in a special tank for three days in Pinewood Studios in England – recreating and re-imagining a classic piano ballad live, until she gets it just right. Ms Kate Bush – take a damn bow! Also, Rihanna/Ariana/Selena who?


The only female vocalist in the history of the UK Top 40 Charts to boast of a top 3 album in each of the past 5 consecutive decades returns this week with a 3-CD live album ‘Before The Dawn‘ – and unsurprisingly, the album is poised to become the icon’s first number one effort in 30 years! The project – recorded during Bush’s sold-out 22-date residency at the Hammersmith Apollo in London – is led by the utterly gorgeous and devastating live rendition of the ballad ‘And Dream Of Sheep‘, originally included in her 5th studio album (and my personal fave) 1985’s UK # 1 ‘Hounds Of Love‘.


The live reworked version of ‘And Dream Of Sheep‘ probably had the kind of impact it did on me because of the stellar video – major MAJOR chills y’all, the ugly cry is something I did not want to get into. Too late though #tissuesandissues.

Ms Bush wanted to bring about a sense of authenticity to the song – which is about a shipwrecked woman lost at sea, waiting for someone to rescue her. And boy – did she deliver! The cold and helpless look on her face as she floats away, the sheer palpable loneliness and the occasional quiver in her vulnerable vocals as she tries her best not to fall asleep and eventually drown – that right there is the stuff legends are made of! For some reason, the tiny rescue beacon on her life jacket provided a strange sense of solace throughout the gut-wrenching melancholy I experienced watching the video.

My heart, y’all. My tender heart.


Check out the epic flawlessness that is Kate Bush’s live version of ‘And Dream Of Sheep‘ right here :