Janet Jackson Unleashes Fierce ‘Dammn Baby’ Video, ET Confirms Pregnancy!

Screen-Shot-2016-05-04-at-9.15.26-PM (2)

It’s FINALLY here!

After weeks of teasing snippets, and almost 9 months after the first single ‘No Sleeep‘ from her history-making 7th Billboard # 1 album ‘Unbreakable‘ got the video treatment, Janet Jackson unleashes the highly anticipated video for the single ‘Dammn Baby‘.

And boy – does she reclaim the dance floor in style!

The Dave Meyers-directed clip is pretty much a Janet classic – a chic, black and white affair that focuses on what Janet does best – dance! She turns 50 next week, is pregnant with her first child – and THIS is what she gifts the world, specifically her fans who have yearned for a classic Janet dance bop.  The fierce strut, the hair whips, the break down, the hand-claps! Hallelujah!


Easily the best song off ‘Unbreakable‘ along with ‘No Sleeep‘ and ‘Burnitup‘, ideally the video should’ve been released earlier – but then again, Janet is playing the game by her own rules this time, and she’s playing it rather well. We need no justification – we’re just happy we got the damn video!  #likeaboss

As a placard carrying member of the #JTribe, I’m glad and eternally thankful that the living legend has given us yet another gem of a video, song and album – when she should clearly be resting. She did not have to create a new album or a video – let alone dance for us. But she did it for her fans – and we love her for that. Being blacklisted, shamed and ridiculed for years post something as silly as The Superbowl – Janet Jackson did the right thing by shunning the media and the critics, refusing to give out a single interview for the release of ‘Unbreakable‘. Her dignified silence worked. Ironically, that pretty much sums up what she’s trying to say in ‘Dammn Baby‘ – although with ET confirming her pregnancy, the song gets a whole new meaning!


Congratulations Janet! And thank you yet again, for being you!

Check out Janet Jackson, still very much in control of the dance floor, in the video for ‘Dammn Baby‘ right here :