Janet Jackson Notches Historic 7th Billboard # 1 Album With ‘Unbreakable’!


In case you haven’t heard the news already, Pop Legend Janet Jackson is still very much in control.

*cue the intro from her ground-breaking 1986 breakthrough album*

29 years after ‘Control‘ arrived at # 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart, Janet Jackson returns to familiar territory with her 11th studio effort ‘Unbreakable‘ – which debuts at the top of the Billboard 200 this week with over 116,000 units sold! ‘Unbreakable‘ becomes Ms Jackson’s 7th chart topping album – a feat that makes the iconic diva the only artist of color to have a number one album each in the last 4 decades – the 80’s (‘Control‘, ‘Rhythm Nation 1814‘), the 90’s (‘Janet.’, ‘The Velvet Rope‘), the 00’s (‘All For You‘, ‘Discipline‘) and the 10’s (‘Unbreakable‘). Barbra Streisand and Bruce Springsteen are the only other artists to boast of a # 1 album each in the past 4 decades.

The blacklist post the Superbowl, the radio block, the witch-hunt – and you thought she was over? Oh you! You must have forgotten who she is!

As Billboard Magazine points out, that rather unusually, the hugely acclaimed ‘Unbreakable‘ roared in at # 1 without an ounce of traditional promotion, a single interview, a single TV appearance or live performance. ‘Unbreakable‘ is also Janet’s first release on her own label Rhythm Nation Records, and has thus not benefited from the backing of any major label. The 49-year-old icon shut out the media, and let her music do the talking – and this era has so far beenĀ a love affair between her and her fans (specifically on social media).

With the Unbreakable World Tour selling out arenas worldwide, a nomination to be inducted in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, the album debuting at # 1 – ’tis a good time to be a Janet fan! And as you can see, we Janatics have our Queen’s back! #BowDownBishes


Its been a 7 year, 7 month and 7 day long wait since Janet’s last release ‘Discipline‘ which also debuted at # 1 on the Billboard Charts. The painfully long wait was worth it – if you haven’t heard the album or seen the reviews yet, ‘Unbreakable‘ is Jackson’s best album since 1997’s genre-bending ‘The Velvet Rope‘.

The rest of the top 10 this week boasts of a new entry at # 5 by R’n’B siren Tamar Braxton, whose ‘Calling All Lovers‘ arrives with 43,000 units sold this week. While the charts top 5 is dominated by R’n’B (who says R’n’B is dead?), the lower half of the top 10 is dominated by Country.

Check out the entire top 10 of this week’s Billboard 200 Albums Chart right here :

1. Unbreakable (116,000 units) – Janet Jackson

2. Beauty Behind The Madness (73,000 units) – The Weeknd

3. What A Time To Be Alive (65,000 units) – Drake And Future

4. Fetty Wap (64,000 units) – Fetty Wap

5. Calling All Lovers (43,000 units) – Tamar Braxton

6. 1989 (38,000 units) – Taylor Swift

7. Tangled up (32,000 units) – Thomas Rhett

8. Cold Beer Conversation (32,000 units) – George Strait

9. Kill The Lights (30,000 units) – Luke Bryan

10. Cass County (29,000 units) – Don Henley