Enya’s New Album ‘Dark Sky Island’ Releasing On November 20th, Commence Mass Hysteria!!


Alright I absolutely CAN.NOT with 2015!

Over the last few weeks, my life has been absolutely consumed with the return of the almighty Janet Jackson (religion, you see?), and her staggeringly unbelievably incredibly insanely AMAZ-BALLS 11th studio effort ‘Unbreakable‘ – a stellar comeback album (after 7 long years) scheduled to début atop the Billboard 200 this week.

And then, the news that another mega-selling chart-force is making her quiet comeback after a 7-year break as well – the ethereal elusive chanteuse Enya! For the record – under-estimate her ‘quiet’ return at your own risk – the woman can sell circles around your faves with approximately zero promo, as always! Now that’s a queen!

The four-time Grammy-winning Queen Of New Age Music’s new album is titled ‘Dark Sky Island‘ – and is scheduled to drop on the 20th of November. The first single off the 11-song set is titled ‘Echoes In Rain‘, and if you’ve been an Enya fan – there’s no reason why you wouldn’t like this gorgeous offering from the Irish diva. Lush, layered harmonies and Enya’s chill-inducing mellow vocals – this is as close to heaven I can get musically (Enya’s music always does that to me – ‘Flora’s Secret‘, ‘China Roses‘, ‘Epona‘ anyone?). The set reunites Enya with her trusty producer Nicky Ryan and lyricist Roma Ryan – a team that has sold over a hefty 80 million records worldwide! The new album follows 2008’s ‘...And Winter Came‘, a Christmas-themed masterpiece that peaked at # 8 on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

Check out the entire track-list of ‘Dark Sky Island‘ right here, and skip on to see the lyric video for ‘Echoes In Rain‘ after the list!

1. “The Forge Of The Angels”
2. “So I Could Find My Way”
3. “The Humming”
4. “Dark Sky Island”
5. “Even In The Shadows”
6. “I Could Never Say Goodbye”
7. “Sancta Maria”
8. “Astra et Luna”
9. “Echoes In Rain”
10. “The Loxian Gates”
11. “Diamonds On The Water”