Video Premiere : Janet Jackson’s ‘No Sleeep’ Featuring J. Cole



The time is just right to be a Janatic – the world wants Janet Jackson back, and how!

Arenas selling out within minutes for her upcoming ‘Unbreakable‘ tour, her new single ‘No Sleeep‘ roaring up to # 4 on the Billboard Adult R’n’B Charts within 3 weeks of the song’s release, as well as a d├ębut of an impressive # 67 on the Billboard Hot 100 – all with approximately ZERO promotions, appearances, performances and interviews. All Janet Jackson has done in the past month is walk across the BET stage to collect her Ultimate Icon Award and thank her fans – and the world commenced mass hysteria!

Legend much? Yasssss! #bowdownbish

Miss Jackson ain’t following the rules this time around, she’s making new ones as she’s out to change the game yet again! Everything in this era seems to be perfectly calculated – from the ‘No Sleeep‘ single release to the limited promo, to the release of the J. Cole assisted album version, and finally the Dave Meyers-directed video for the song (which officially heads for adds on Urban/Rhythmic Radio today) – this is undoubtedly Janet’s best era since 2001!

Check out the utterly GORGEOUS video of ‘No Sleeep‘ – it literally looks like she shot this video after walking straight out of the set of ‘That’s The Way Love Goes‘ in 1993! That hair needs a separate Twitter account y’all – and that staircase-choreography?? That smile???


BRB, practicing my staircase moves.

Grown. Classy. Sexy. Flawless. Ageless. Diva. Icon. Legend.

THIS is how it’s done – in an age where everyone else is trying to remain relevant.

Lead the way, Queen!