Throwback Tuesday : ‘Runaway’ By The Corrs


A 90’s baybeh without a worn-out cassette of The Corr’s ‘Talk On Corners‘ somewhere in his/her closet is essentially a myth.

The Celtic-Pop band was basically EVERYWHERE in the latter part of the decade – and chances are you owned at least one collection of hits back in that day that would boast of a song by the Irish siblings Andrea, Sharon, Carol and Jim. Just pull out that coveted, hidden box of your’s (probably housing your enviable porn collection along with cassettes and CD’s), and browse through those cassettes marked ‘MTV Fantastic Females‘ or ‘Now 3‘ or ‘Max 4‘ etc. Chances are, you’ll find classics like ‘What Can I Do‘, ‘So Young‘, ‘Breathless‘, ‘Irresistible‘, ‘Only When You Sleep‘, ‘I Never Really Loved You Anyway‘ on at least one of them.


Nostalgia overload y’all! BRB, need some tissue.

The delicious slice of Pop-perfection ‘Runaway‘ – the band’s introductory single – remains my favorite song by the band. The gorgeously earnest ballad was originally released in 1995 as the lead single from their classic début album ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten‘. Initially, the song peaked at a moderate # 49 on the UK Top 40, and #68 on the Billboard Hot 100. As the band’s sophomore album ‘Talk On Corners‘ exploded globally and the quartet became a legitimate household name – a Tin Tin Out remix version of ‘Runaway‘ (thankfully not too different from the original) included in ‘Talk..‘ roared up the UK charts to eventually peak at # 2. The song blocking them from the # 1 spot? Britney’s ‘Baby One More Time‘ – so yeah, tough luck for them.

On the albums chart though, The Corrs were destined for global domination. After an initially slow run, ‘Talk On Corners‘ gradually made its way up to # 1 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart boosted by the unprecedented success of the band’s cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams‘. Renewed interest pushed their début effort ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten‘ up to # 2 on the UK charts the same week they were at # 1 with their sophomore effort. Till date – ‘Talk On Corners‘ remains the highest selling Irish album of all time in the UK with sales exceeding 3 million units in the region, and was the biggest selling album of 1998 in the UK. A similar fate awaited the albums in Australia, America, Europe as well as Asia.


As a kid (starry-eyed obese dreamer actually), I would wait endlessly for shows like MTV Select and MTV Most Wanted for ‘Runaway‘ to be played back in the late 90’s. An episode of Baywatch featured the song as well (the illegally gorgeous characters Cody and Lony were making out or something – enough to make us collectively shake and cry). A seamless blend of Celtic traditional music with 90’s Pop and sweeping harmonies, ‘Runaway‘ would have been an, um, runaway smash had it been released in any decade. It’s one of those triumphant melodies that could easily land up on a Valentine’s Day playlist every year till eternity! Also, the MTV Unplugged Version of the song gets me all kindsa teary-eyed. Those heavenly harmonies y’all!

Delightfully timeless, thoroughly nostalgic and incredibly refreshing – every time I listen to this song!

Check out the original 1995 version of the ‘Runaway‘ right here!