Janet Jackson Thanks Fans On Twitter With A Snippet Of New Music! Hallelujah!


With a 43-second snippet of what could probably be an interlude on her new album, Miss Janet Jackson – High Priestess Of Everything Worthy – has just crashed the internet.


I wanna tell you how important you are to me! Love J.,” – Janet tweeted with the hashtag #ConversationsInACafe (possibly the new album title, or maybe it’s ‘Unbreakable‘?), along with a heaven-kissed melodic interlude in which she sings  “I lived through my mistakes / It’s just a part of growing / And never for a single moment did I ever go without your love / You made me feel wanted / I wanna tell you how important you are to me.” 

I think my soul just left my body, and I can’t feel my face.


Firstly, the vocals. Clearly, Janet is not in a mood to whisper – she’s serving-up ‘The Velvet Rope‘ ear realness that has been missing over a decade. The last album, in my opinion, that witnessed Janet’s vocal prowess was 2004’s Platinum-certified  ‘Damita Jo‘ in the form of criminally under-rated classics like ‘I Want You‘. Thank you, Superbowl/FCC, for effectively destroying that album by your low-life, pathetic excuses of how a harmless boob could affect viewers by going against their moral values and ethics. Really? Shows like The Game Of Thrones must be the epitome of ethics then. I live in India, and even the uneducated conservative country bumpkins here do not have double standards as bad. And ‘Damita Jo‘ was a runaway smash here, especially ‘All Nite‘. #biachplease #takeseveralseats #gorrllbye


Secondly, the melodies. Classic, classic Janet. She’s had several iconic interludes in the past (my faves being ‘Love‘, ‘Twisted Elegance‘, ‘Memory‘, ‘Are You Still Up?’), and they’ve played a crucial role in streamlining her albums into incredibly cohesive works of art through which her stories unfold seamlessly. From 1986’s ‘Control‘ till 2004’s ‘Damita Jo‘, Janet has cleverly crafted intricate masterpieces through song and interludes that have served as the blueprint for anything released by Beyoncé to Britney Spears to Rihanna to Ciara.


Thirdly, Janet’s keeping it personal again, which is the very essence of Janet Jackson’s music. There is a reason why most fans could not connect with 2008’s #1-peaking ‘Discipline‘ – it wasn’t a Janet Jackson album, irrespective of having some of her best and most under-rated singles in ages (the Platinum-certified ‘Feedback‘, ‘Rock With U‘). She wrote approximately 1/4th of an interlude on that album, and that simply wasn’t enough.

This time around – Ms Jackson ain’t playing! The woman has sold over 160 million records worldwide, and that includes actual albums and singles, not 99-cent digital singles. With full creative control and her trusted ‘dads’ Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis by her side, she’s had 27 top 10 hits between 1986 and 2001, (18 of them consecutive – a record that still stands). Six # 1 albums irrespective of being blacklisted post 2004. And an unparalleled legacy that still blazes a trail for generations to follow. By launching her own record label (Rhythm Nation records), she knows what she’s doing – and she’s definitely not going the way of her contemporaries, including Madonna who’s lately a tad desperate to stay relevant, or Mariah who was literally screwed by her label over her rather amazing last studio album.


Check out the interlude, which serves as a thank you to her world-wide legion of fans, right here :