Throwback Tuesday : ‘Lovefool’ By The Cardigans


The 90’s – my favorite decade in music – needs to officially make a comeback.

Seriously, I CANNOT, with another week of the horn-overloaded Pharrell-esque 70’s Funk/Soul and ‘Uptown Funk‘ stagnating atop the Billboard Hot 100 – it’s all wonderful and all but #bitchplease.

Let’s just forget the usual crap playing on the radio lately and head back to a decade of reliably flaw-free music now, shall we?

Today’s Throwback Tuesday song of the week is undeniably a high school/college favorite – I mean how many of us have gone through those halcyon days of youth without singing ‘love me, love me..go on and fool me‘? Ah, memories!

1996 saw the arrival of Swedish rockers The Cardigans’ signature song ‘Lovefool‘ – a song which received a major boost being featured on the soundtrack of Baz Luhrman’s ‘William Shakespeare’s Romeo + Juliet‘. The sheer number of ladies (and a few ladyboys), from grandmas to teens, collapsing (all moist) at the sight of Leonardo DiCaprio back then wasn’t remotely funny. And then The Titanic happened – let’s not even go there.

Lovefool‘ was a slickly produced easy-listening slice of Bossa Nova-meets-Disco-meets-Pop – radio stations and MTV were upto their throats over-playing this song through 1996. The hormonal teens that we were – the whole concept of inviting the loves of our lives back in the day to lie and cheat on us while pretending to be in love was the order of the day! #martyrs

Nina Persson’s lavish Swede accent added that special zing to the song – that chorus ‘Love me, love me..‘ is impossibly difficult to get out of your brain once you’ve heard it. You’ve hummed it while sitting in class, you’ve belted it out in the shower – it’s one of those songs y’all! #nostalgia

Taken from the band’s third studio album ‘First Band On The Moon‘, ‘Lovefool‘ rose all the way up to # 2 on the UK Top 40 Singles Chart, as well as # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay Chart (due to insanely stupid chart rules back then, the song was not eligible to chart on the Hot 100 as it wasn’t released as a CD Single – bollocks).

If there’s ever a soundtrack to the most definitive years of my life, ‘Lovefool‘ would on it!

Check it out right here :