SLO’s ‘Shut Out Of Paradise’ Is A Song You Really, Really Need To Listen To!


Heavenly! Absolutely, thoroughly heavenly!

British songstress (they’re ALL from the other side of the pond lately) Jess Mills has been around for a while – unleashing an impressive song or two since 2011 – but it’s her new avatar SLO that’s got me sitting up and giving her a good listen!

SLO’s new single ‘Shut Out Of Paradise‘ is a dreamy slice of sparse, atmospheric soul – think Sade-meets-Jessie Ware. If you’ve enjoyed Jessie Ware’s highly under-rated sophomore extravaganza ‘Tough Love‘ (one of my fave albums of 2014) , SLO pretty much takes off from there. Gorgeous layered harmonies blended in with lush melodies and just the right amount of ambient electronica, SLO’s velvety vocals are just about perfect. ‘Because in our madness there is a perfection / Where do you end, where do I begin / You’re my broken imperfect reflection, the kiss on my skin‘ – she softly croons over a rather captivating and crisp piano melody.

This soothes my soul y’all.

Add this one to your Lounge playlist – it would fit right in on your baby-making playlist as well.

Shut Out Of Paradise‘ previews a 4-song EP by SLO scheduled for a May 3rd release. Definitely an artist worth looking out for!

Check out the Kate Moross-directed video for SLO’s ‘Shut Out Of Paradise‘ right here :