Janelle Monae Unveils New Song ‘Yoga’ Featuring Jidenna


Flaw-free R’n’B/Neo-Soul chanteuse Janelle Monae unleashes her most radio-friendly offering till date – a trap-heavy soaring ode to meditation called ‘Yoga‘ – and her first taste of new music since 2013’s stellar ‘The Electric Lady‘.

As per usual, the eclectic soulstress blurs the lines and pushes the envelope on her latest mission – ‘Yoga‘ is a part of a 5 song EP termed ‘The Eeephus‘ released as the first project from Monae’s Wondaland label, a team-up with L.A.Reid’s Epic Records. The EP, set for a summer release, would feature members on the Wondaland roster including futurists to look out for like Deep Cotton, St Beauty and Roman GianArthur.

Up and coming MC Jidanna features on ‘Yoga‘ and breezes through with his smooth verses (‘She did that yoga / Looking for my loafers man, I woke up in a toga‘) – but it’s Monae who keeps the year’s most ground-breaking line for herself – ‘You cannot police me, so get off my areola‘. There literally are no words to say here because #irespecttheareola #nipplequeen

Yoga‘ is probably my fave Monae song ever – it’s a heady departure from her spacey, sparse experimental Nu-Soul gems to straight-up sultry R’n’B baby-making territory. She’s never sounded so, so gorgeous on any of her tracks before – the full-throated harmonies on the chorus itself slays anything on her impressive discography so far!

Is this the new direction for the Neo-Soul enthusiast on her feverishly awaited new effort? Or will she surprise us yet again by her chamelionic maneuvers? I’m glad she’s going the Solange way with this EP. Beyonce’s younger sis unleashed 2013’s most under-rated and ground-breaking project ‘St Heron‘ – that included a then unknown Ms Jhene Aiko, R’n’B’s most promising name at the moment. Bring it on, Ms Monae!

So without further ado, baby bend over….