Ellie Goulding Heats Up ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Soundtrack With ‘Love Me Like You Do’


The 50 Shades Of Grey soundtrack just keeps getting better and better y’all! (translation – keep enough contraceptives around while listening to it).

The latest to join the baby-making extravaganza? Brit songbird Ellie Goulding, who has just unveiled her Max Martin-produced contribution ‘Love Me Like You Do‘ for the already star-studded soundtrack, which features some slay-worthy work by Queen Beyonce and Neo-Soul newbie The Weeknd (check out our review of his stellar single ‘Earned It‘ right here).

Love Me Like You Do‘ is an absolute staple from the Max Martin factory – sweeping melodies and gorgeous vocals by Goulding, who actually tones it down a notch and keeps it sensual and understated. The chorus is a complete eargasm – pun intended.

I’ve spent a considerable part of my day imagining what Christian and Anna would be up to while this song plays – a boy can dream, right?  I do believe the song would probably be featured in some of the less explicit parts of the movie – preferably that would not include a riding crop or a dildo.

With Ellie, Beyoncé and The Weeknd on board, it’ll be interesting to see who else makes the coveted final soundtrack. Brit Pop diva Rita Ora would probably have a song there, as she plays the role of Mia, Christina’s adopted sister. I’ll have an angina attack if Jhene Aiko, Banks, Lana Del Rey and Tinashe have a song in there somewhere.

Check out Ellie Goulding’s ‘Love Me Like You Do‘ right here :