Song Premiere : The Weeknd’s ‘Earned It’ (From ’50 Shades Of Grey’)!


Baby-making slow-jam alert!

Get those suspenders on, hold on to your riding crops and have a set of silver balls ready in your pockets y’all – cuz Mr Grey will see you soon, very soon – February 14th, 2015 to be precise.

If the above sounded like a crash course in plumbing to you – then really, REALLY y’all need to get a life.

It’s ‘50 Shades of Grey‘ – the movie (aka my religion) – that’s gotten everyone including your grandma moist. #dealwithit

With Queen Beyoncé leading the charge on the original soundtrack with a luscious version of ‘Crazy In Love‘ and ‘Ghost/Haunted‘ (the steamy scenes go so well with them, I’m utterly warm all over) – we get a glimpse of what else the soundtrack has to offer, in the form of a delicious slice of baby-making Pop/Soul ‘Earned It‘ by Falsetto enthusiast The Weeknd.

And what a gentleman of a song this one is – quite like Christian Grey, irrespective of his, umm, needs.

Over a sexy mid-tempo groove, the Soul crooner warmly lays down some of the most comforting lyrics a girl (or a guy, if you’re rooting for team rainbow) would want to hear – ‘I’mma care for you, cause girl you’re perfect/You’re always worth it, and you deserve it.

Of course, following the romance you’ll be flogged by a riding crop and have silver balls shoved down in unreachable regions in your body but hey ! Who cares because team #SnM! Also, Christian!

Check out The Weeknd unleash his baby making juices on ‘Earned It‘ right here :