Video Premiere : You+Me’s ‘Break The Cycle’


Did you know?

Pink has teamed up with Canadian singer songwriter Dallas Green to form a new duo You+Me. And the duo is releasing their début album ‘rose ave.‘ on October 14th.

Heart attack!

Clearly, Pink’s ability to shock/surprise us remains intact over a decade and a half she’s been in this business. Debuting with an R’n’B sound, Pink moved on to Rock and Pop (eventually becoming one of the biggest selling artists of the decade), and now she’s delving into Folk with her new project. Bravo, lady, BRA-VO!

The project’s first single ‘Break The Cycle‘ was released earlier this month – and this week the single gets the video treatment. Understated is an understatement for the video – but that’s really the point here, the focus is on the music. Pink gets her blues on, and boy can she harmonize well with Dallas. Their sound together is completely reminiscent of The Civil Wars (RIP) – and that’s actually a good thing considering that we really do need a duo like them.

I’m excited for what You+Me has to offer. And really, this is how a real artist pushes himself or herself to transcend across musical barriers and to step outside their comfort zone. Pink’s idol Mary J Blige is doing the same, coincidentally with her upcoming LP ‘The London Sessions‘.

Check out You+Me’s ‘Break The Cycle‘ video right here :