Mary J Blige Unveils ‘The London Sessions’ Track-list, New Songs ‘Therapy’ and ‘Whole Damn Year’

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With the most anticipated LP of the year (shaking and crying here y’all) scheduled for release on December 2, the undisputed Queen Of Hip Hop/Soul Mizz Mary J Blige is not playing any games this era.

The London Sessions‘ – clearly the icon’s most ambitious project of late – marks a major shift in Blige’s unparalleled discography, and has fans and critics alike waiting with baited breath for what the Queen has to offer this time around.

With a month and a half to go, Mizz Mary builds up the hype by finally unveiling the track-list of the album, along with dropping the official lead single ‘Therapy‘ as well as a buzz track ‘Whole Damn Year‘.

While ‘Therapy‘ is a bluesy affair, the ballad ‘Whole Damn Year‘ brings the familiar angry Mary back – of course with a London twist. It’s not exactly a ‘Not Gon’ Cry‘ musically, but when it comes to a break-up ballad, y’all know there’s no one quite like Mary!

Check out the track-list right here, and then give ‘Therapy‘ and ‘Whole Damn Year‘ a listen :

Mary J. Blige, The London Sessions track list -

1. “Therapy”
2. “Doubt”
3. “Not Loving You”
4. “When You’re Gone”
5. “Right Now”
6. “My Loving”
7. “Long Hard Look”
8. “Whole Damn Year”
9. “Nobody But You”
10. “Pick Me Up”
11. “Follow”
12. “Worth My Time”

Whole Damn Year -

Therapy –