Video Premiere : Jennifer Lopez’s ‘Booty’ Featuring Iggy Azalea


Let’s get one thing clear – 2014 is all about the ass! #HaveBootyWillShake

With the # 1 and # 3 song in the US at the moment ALL about loving your ass – the bigger the better – there’s no question about the fact that the humble backside has been an incredible source of multi-platinum single sales for a record number of artists. Apart from pooping out shit, but then lets not focus on that part now.

And of course, the undisputed Queen of the Booty, Ms Jennifer Lopez HAD to release a song which was a celebration of the superstar’s equally famous derriere – simply titled ‘Booty‘. Easily one of the best songs on her latest album ‘A.K.A‘ – ‘Booty‘ originally featured Pitbull on the album version.

Ms Lopez does one better on the single version for the song, enlisting the biggest name in the game at the moment, Ms Iggy Azalea – to join her in a frenzied rubbing of buttocks in the brand new video that was unleashed a while ago.

Honestly, I thought I’d seen it all with Nicki Minaj’s ‘Anaconda‘ – an ode to the ass like no other. And then ‘Booty‘ dropped – there’s SO MUCH BUTT Y’ALL!!

Look out for the song soaring up next week’s charts – the ‘Anaconda‘ effect is in now.

Check out a 45-year-old Lopez showing the neophytes on how it’s done, with a little help from Miss I.G.G.Y Azalea in the ‘Booty‘ video right here :