Video Premiere : Jhene Aiko’s ‘The Pressure’


Feather-voiced Alt-Soul-R’n’B newbie Jhene Aiko’s full length début ‘Souled Out‘ finally arrives next week (CANNOT. WAIT.) – quite easily one of the year’s most anticipated efforts ya’ll.

If ‘Souled Out‘ is anything of an extension of her stellar EP ‘Sail Out‘ (read the original review here) – I’m all but hyperventilating to get my hands on a copy!

The 26-year-old Def Jam diva unleashes a psychedelia-laced video for her single ‘The Pressure‘ – yet another melancholic cold and stoic gem on the album that deals with the trials and tribulations of being a star and balancing her family life.


Jhene rocks blond braids with ample ease as she chills with her family and friends, and attends red carpet events – until ‘the pressure’ of super-stardom gets to her. Basically her man’s a worthless arse who cannot deal with her success, and is not patient enough to stand by her side (the world’s full of them, eh?).

Lyrically, Jhene’s at her best yet again – ‘you are such a liar/I never denied you, I was for sure‘.

Preach girl – show the cheating sloth the way out! Ain’t no lying low life worthy of your heart. #Respect

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed whatever Jhene’s released till date, and ‘Souled Out‘ could well be the ‘21‘ of the R’n’B world here, with Jhene’s fiesty lyrics hitting home. If y’all haven’t listened to the icy ‘The Worst‘ or ‘Comfort Inn Ending‘ yet, well then SHAME ON YOU! #die

Check out the Donald Glover-directed video for ‘The Pressure‘ right here :