Stuck In My Head : Neon Jungle’s ‘Fool Me’


British foursome Neon Jungle’s début extravaganza ‘Welcome To The Jungle‘ managed to dent the top 10 of the Official UK Top 40 Albums Chart a month and a half ago – arriving at # 8. And frankly – I barely cared.

Come on : with the endless onslaught of predictably similar sounding EDM based sass released in alarmingly judicious quantities by Little Mix, Fifth Harmony, Stooshe – I stopped differentiating one from the other. Until, while giving Jungle a mandatory listen, I came across a solid slow-marching explosion of heart-wrenching vulnerability right at the end of the album. Hallelujah!


Fool Me‘ – a gem of an album closer – is a giddy mix of stomping drums and bold melodies that puts the spotlight on the band’s true potential, and what they could really achieve if they stopped following the Candyfloss synth-laced EDM template. ‘Fool Me‘ is all about being addicted to love, and the euphoric chorus is a perfect mix of melancholy and vulnerability as the girls declare – ‘I don’t want to learn my lesson/ So I’ll keep on making the same mistakes/ I don’t want to learn my lesson/So baby fool me, fool me again‘.

The vocals are on point by Shereen, Jess, Amira and Asami – and there’s a whole lotta Sugababes/MKS-esque harmonies throughout,

Yes, this is the kinda stuff that should set Neon Jungle along the same path the Spice Girls blazed back in the day, and the Sugababes followed. As long as they’re keeping it balanced – the EDM really does need to slow down now – they’re in for the long haul.

Thoroughly addicted to this one – and I hope it’s eventually a single!

Check out the gorgeous ‘Fool Me‘ by Neon Jungle right here :