Stuck In My Head : Anastacia’s ‘Apology’


Vocal powerhouse Anastacia is truly a survivor.

The big voiced ‘Sprock’ (Soul,Pop, Rock) phenomenon has seen it all in the past few years – a relapse of breast cancer, a divorce, a double mastectomy – and still she stands stronger than ever on her 6th studio album aptly titled ‘Resurrection‘, a stellar return to form for the ‘Not That Kind‘ chanteuse.

Grossly under-rated in her own country, the 45-year old Chicago-born singer has sold a stellar 20 million albums worldwide – almost all of it outside of the US – over a period of almost a decade and a half. ‘Resurrection‘, hailed as a superb critical and commercial comeback for Anastacia, is her first bona-fide smash in over a decade since 2004’s ‘Anastacia‘, and has already impacted the Official UK Top 40 Albums Chart at # 9.

Although a solid effort, this time around though, Anastacia’s signature ‘Sprock’-laced songs are a rarity on the album. Instead, owing to the theme of survival that layers the album, delicate piano ballads and introspective Soul is what drives the LP to be her most personal body of work till date.


My favorite track on the album is the absolutely lush ‘Apology‘ – there’s something about Anastacia’s unique voice that gives this beautiful ballad the chutzpah to get your lachrymal glands to hyper-react. Get your tissues out for this one people – she bares her vulnerable soul and lays her heart out there for everyone to see on the stripped down number accompanied by a simple, gorgeous piano. Letting go of a relationship ain’t easy, and Anastacia captures the very essence of the confusion and pain as she subtly croons ‘It’s so hard, takes too long/When we both stay strong/Tryna keep this pain alive/Oh, can we let it be tonight?‘ It’s almost a plea to let go, rather than an apology to stay.

My fave part of the song? Anastacia’s mezzo rises to a restrained crescendo as she pleads ‘The truest words are never wasted, I’m letting go, just show me how..‘. CHILLS!

With the piano ballad back in fashion, ‘Apology‘ could well be a single. A single that may well recreate the chart slayage unleashed by Adele, Bruno Mars and recently John Legend with their respective ballads.

Resurrection‘ is definitely one of the year’s stand-out albums – maybe it’s time the US of A sits up and finally takes notice of their home-grown singer who they’ve ignored for a decade and a half?

Check out Anastacia’s ‘Apology‘ right here :