Throwback Tuesday : Garbage’s ‘Special’


Time to head back to the 90’s y’all – that’s where I’m stuck basically so forrrk you if you ain’t paying attention or aren’t interested #90sbaybehFTW !!

There’s no other band in history that blends Alt-Rock so seamlessly with Techno and Trip Hop quite like Garbage – we’ve grown up to innumerable karaoke sessions in front of our bathroom mirrors warbling ‘I’m only happy when it rains‘ and pretending to be as fierce as front-woman Shirley Manson when in reality we were no better than the neighborhood stray in heat #truthhurts #deal

Arguably, it’s Shirley Manson’s relentless onslaught of her special (REFERNCE!!) brand of dark sensuality through her lyrical genius and the uncanny ability to amalgamate everything from Electro-Punk, Industrial Rock, Pop and Grunge is what led Garbage to become one of the most successful bands of the latter half of the 90’s.

Following their massively successful self-titled debut in 1995 that sold in excess of 5 million units worldwide, Garbage unveiled their sophomore effort ‘Version 2.0‘ in 1998 – which went ahead and equaled the critical and commercial success of their debut – eventually being nominated for the coveted Album Of The Year category at the 1999 Grammy Awards.


Special‘, the third single off ‘Version 2.0‘, is one of my fave songs by the band, and possibly one of their most critically acclaimed hits – earning 2 Grammy nominations. For me, it was the Dawn Shadforth-directed video that grabbed my attention back then – I mean MTV actually used to air music videos remember? The video won the MTV VMA for Best Special Effects in the 1999 VMA’s as well.

Garbage’s music was focused primarily on pain and darkness, and ‘Special‘ was a song that boasted of their trademark gloomy lyrics. Ironically, those lyrics were brilliantly juxtaposed with upbeat drum loops and a surprisingly radio-friendly, easy melody subtly blended in with Manson’s stellar vocals.

Do you have an opinion? A mind of your own? I thought you were special I thought you should know…‘, Manson bellows to an ex who possibly crawled his way back into her life – begging for another chance. Karma, Garbage style! 

Easily worthy of a much-delayed shout-out on our Throwback Tuesday posts!

Check out Garbage getting their 90’s on with ‘Special‘ right here :