Destiny’s Child Reunites Yet Again On Michelle Williams’ New Track ‘Say Yes’, Also Featuring Solange!


Well, the day just got better!

They’ve already teased us with their reunion track ‘Nuclear‘ last year, as well as coming together for Kelly Rowland’s album track ‘You’ve Changed‘ from her critically lauded album ‘Talk A Good Game‘. They also made an appearance together on Beyoncé’s ‘Superpower‘ video (and previously on Beyoncé’s ‘Get Me Bodied‘ video as well). Clearly, the girls have each other’s back after going their own ways after bowing out while on top of their game.

And now R’n’B super-group Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Kelly reunite yet again with their third member Michelle Williams on the song ‘Say Yes‘ from Michelle’s solo effort ‘Journey To Freedom‘. In fact they make it a complete family affair by adding the latest Knowles member hogging the lime-light lately for all the wrong reasons, the tenacious Ms Solange Knowles.

If this is not a teaser for a reunion album in the future, then WHAT IS?? (A boy can dream y’all).

EDM takes over Gospel with ‘Say Yes‘, as the infectious club banger (?!) all but takes over your head with its utterly slay-worthy rhythms and soaring, heavenly chorus.

And omg omg OMG the harmonies y’all – it’s Destiny’s Child we’re talking about. DESTINY’S CHILD.

BRB, shaking and crying while listening to ‘The Writing’s On The Wall‘ CD on repeat.

Also, Solange! She’s most definitely the under-rated superstar of this generation!

Check out Beyonce, Kelly, Solange help out their girl Michelle on ‘Say Yes‘ right here :