Ed Sheeran Unveils Pharrell-Assisted ‘Sing’, New Album ‘x’ Out On June 23!


British smooth-crooner Ed Sheeran gets his funk on for his brand new single ‘Sing‘, previewing his new album ‘x‘ (pronounced ‘multiply‘) scheduled to drop internationally on June 23rd.

Frankly, I’m disappointed at the direction Sheeran’s heading after giving ‘Sing‘ a listen. The earnest, folk-laced, vulnerable brand of acoustic balladry that made Sheeran an unlikely household heart-throb is gone – that’s what made me love his music in the first place.

Instead, Sheeran unleashes the best impersonation of Justin Timberlake I’ve come across in forever – the heavy breathing, the cocky lyrics, the falsetto – on the rhythmic-leaning ‘Sing‘.

Inevitably produced by Pharrell (an overload lately – lets take a moment and remember the Timbaland overload of 2007-2009 here, and the aftermath), ‘Sing‘ has all the makings of a top 40 hit, and radio would undoubtedly jump on the Timberlake/Robin Thicke-esque brand of Retro-Soul/Funk.

A bold move, as Sheeran brings his sexy on, but definitely a surprise for fans waiting for another dose of his folksy acoustic love rants. Also, with everyone, I mean EVERYONE working with Pharrell, Sheeran would have worked better with the likes of songstress supreme Sia instead.

It will be interesting to see how ‘x‘ turns out to be – I’ll be anticipating a few of his signature ballads instead of another ‘20/20 Experience‘. Two volumes are enough already.

Give a listen to ‘Sing‘ right here –