Mariah Carey Covers Herself In Glitter For Sultry ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)’ Video, We Remain Unworthy


Queen of Shade, Pioneer Of The Whistle Register and Overall Slayer Mizz Mariah Carey has unveiled a gorgeous video for her new single ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)‘ – quite possibly her best video in almost a decade.

When the Goddess isn’t too busy not acknowledging the presence of irrelevant lessers like BeyoncĂ©, Ariana Grande or professional nobody Mizz Nicki Minaj, she has been busy covering herself in glitter (related – she refers to her iconic floppage ‘Glitter‘ as a ‘cult classic’ now) and looking fabulously flaw-free while sitting topless underneath a waterfall in the El Yunque National Forest, lamenting about the one she loves.

Subject in question – Trey Songz, looking as fabulous, and topless as well! The coincidence!

The Indrani-directed clip is a worthy reminder of Mariah’s legendary reign, and in case you don’t remember her iconic achievements, the diva herself will remind you with a fact-filled video on Facebook, replete with each of her # 1 singles mentioned specifically. I wouldn’t know how Madonna might feel about the opening statement of Mariah’s video which states her to be ‘the highest selling female vocalist of all time’.

In other related news, somewhere in Montreal, Celine Dion was just reported to be singing a medley of her hits non-stop while spinning around on her head, as a protest to contest Mariah’s claim.

Also, news just arrived of Nicki Minaj reportedly threatening to release 12 new albums this year – the first of which is titled ‘Mariah Carey Is A Stupid Hoe (Bitch)‘. Minaj has also reportedly renewed her arms licence.

This era seems to be shaping up well (finally!) for Mariah. The resounding success of her last single ‘The Art Of Letting Go‘ – Billboard # 119 – was definitely not an indicator of the direction the album was going in. Nor was the genre-defining ‘Triumphant (Get ‘Em)‘, which mesmerized at # 115.

The Art Of Letting Go‘ finally drops May 6th.

Check out Mariah bringing back her classic self with ‘You’re Mine (Eternal)‘ right here :