Iggy Azalea Unveils ‘Fancy’ Featuring Charli XCX, Remains Fancier Than You


Why hello there!

Since you’re up and about on a Sunday morning reading all sortsa ‘sheeet‘ (REFERENCE), here is just a casual reminder that Australian rapstress Iggy Azalea is still a slayer of your faves.

Why you ask? Oh you!

For starters, the ‘Work‘ songstress has just unveiled a stellar new collaboration with British chanteuse Charli XCX titled ‘Fancy‘ – scheduled to be included in her long-delayed début effort ‘The New Classic‘, which is FINALLY dropping on April 14th.


Mizz Iggy spits out some signature verses, chanting ‘Swagger on super, I can’t shop at no department/Better get my money on time, if they not money, decline‘ – flawless, as per usual.

And then we have Charli XCX, serving up some Gwen Stefani-esque sass on the chorus, yelling ‘I’m so fancy, you already know/ I’m in the fast lane from L.A. to Tokyo‘. In fact the first time I heard ‘Fancy‘, I almost had an apnoea attack thinking it was Gwen on the chorus – Charlie sounds uncannily like her! On a different note – can Gwen Stefani please unleash her third solo project sometime soon instead of popping out babies?

Check out Iggy Azalea and Charli XCX’s ‘Fancy‘ right here :