Stuck In My Head : James Blake’s ‘Retrograde’


In case you’ve missed out on 24-year-old London-based singer/songwriter James Blake’s 2013 Mercury Prize-winning STELLAR sophomore album ‘Overgrown‘ – well, shame on you. Also, what were you thinking? And most importantly, you (obviously) missed out on our top 50 albums of 2013.

BRB, hyperventilating out of sheer frustration etc.

Well, familiarize your aural senses to the sparse, ambient and soul-laced sound of James Blake, who btw just got robbed of  the Grammy for Best New Artist to Macklemore And Ryan Lewis.

I’ve enjoyed listening to ‘Overgrown‘ as a whole, but it’s probably cuz of Blake’s Grammy nod that I gave ‘Retrograde‘ – the first single off ‘Overgrown‘ – a coupla more listens.

Understandably, I flipped.

Blake’s falsetto (of Bon Iver proportions) floats over smooth layers of dreamy, moody chords – and the results are warm and eerie at the same time.

The melody and hook remains the highlights of ‘Retrograde‘ – occasionally veering towards Jazz-kissed Neo-Soul territory.

Undoubtedly fascinating, soul-soothingly lush and easily a highlight of Blake’s career.

Ideal for my Lounge play-list.

Candles, aroma oils, snuggles and cuddles anyone? Someone? No?

#Sigh #IfOnly

Overgrown‘ peaked at # 8 on the UK Top 40 Albums Chart, while arrive at # 1 on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums Chart last year.

Check out James Blake’s ‘Retrograde‘ right here :