Beyonce Arrives At # 1 On Billboard 200 With 617,000 Copies Of ‘Beyonce’ Sold In 3 Days!


Who runs the world? Duh.

Take a bow y’all. Really, no. Get off your asses and do it.

If there’s one artist worthy of joining the ranks of the supreme five – Madonna, Janet, Mariah, Celine and Whitney – it’s Destiny’s Child front-woman and 17-time-Grammy winning Pop/R’n’B megastar Beyoncé.

Without a stitch of traditional promo, no live performances, no lead single (no single – period!), no announcements, Beyoncé Knowles pulled off the biggest stunt of 2013 by quietly dropping her self-titled 5th studio album ‘Beyoncé‘ – complete with 14 songs and 17 music videos – in its entirety on iTunes last week.


The risk – an immense one of iconic proportions if I may say so – paid off, and quite frankly, shook the very foundation of the entire industry!

So massive was the following hoopla, that Beyoncé’s ‘Beyoncé‘ shifted an insane 617,000 units within just 3 days of being released in the US, while global sales stand at a staggering 828,773 copies.

Beyoncé‘ thus becomes the fastest selling album globally in the history of iTunes, while Beyoncé also becomes the first woman in history to launch at # 1 with each of her 5 studio albums on the Billboard 200 Albums Chart.

That enuf? Sit yo’ ass down and read on.

Beyoncé‘ also becomes the fastest selling album by a woman in 2013, giving Beyoncé her highest sales week ever! She previously notched up sales of over 541,000 units with 2006’s ‘B’Day‘.


With a royal ‘fuck you‘ to everybody from her label, her critics, her fans – Beyoncé unleashed her most introspective, innovative and intimate album till date, and shat all over a collective heap of fallen divas this year ranging from a lost Britney Spears to a clueless, almost desperate Lady Gaga, to Miley Cyrus and her tongue.

Without a lead single, Beyoncé brought back the concept of an album being enjoyed in its entirety – a concept that a majority of 2013’s biggest artists do not have a clue about. Save for an occasional Adele and Taylor Swift dropping in, when exactly did a female vocalist (lately) re-create the hype that hit us back in the day when a Madonna or a Janet Jackson concept album arrived?

Remember the numbers Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus pulled in this year with their increasingly loud over-the-top theatrics (and tongues) previewing their respective albums? Yeah. Pathetic.

As critics and fans universally laud Beyoncé’s stellar move, and the cuts ‘Drunk In Love‘ and ‘XO‘ prepare to hit the airwaves simultaneously as the first official singles, Beyoncé has easily asserted herself as one of the most visionary and influential artists of all time.

Respect Bey, Respect!

Check out all the action within the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard 200 right here!

The Billboard Top 10 Singles this week are :

1. The Monster – Eminem feat. Rihanna

2. Timber – Pitbull feat. Kesha

3. Counting Stars – OneRepublic

4. Say Something – A Great Big World And Christina Aguilera

5. Royals – Lorde

6. Demons – Imagine Dragons

7. Wake Me Up – Avicii

8. Wrecking Ball – Miley Cyrus

9. Let Her Go – Passenger

10. Story Of My Life – One Direction

The Billboard Top 10 Albums this week are :

1. Beyonce – Beyonce

2. Blame It All On My Roots – Garth Brooks

3. Wrapped In Red – Kelly Clarkson

4. Black Panties – R. Kelly

5. Midnight Memories – One Direction

6. Duck The Halls : A Robertson Family Christmas – The Robertsons

7. Because The Internet – Childish Gambino

8. The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – Eminem

9. Prism – Katy Perry

10. Frozen (OST) – Various