Lea Michele Unveils Stellar Debut Single ‘Cannonball’, ‘Louder’ Cover Art, Tracklist!


Damn Lea!! Take a bow girl!!

Now that’s what I call a début single!

Already a household name as Rachel from Glee, vocal powerhouse Lea Michele has had a tragic year with the untimely loss of her boyfriend and Glee co-star Cory Monteith.

But leaving all the pain behind, Lea’s unveiled an utterly massive song titled ‘Cannonball‘ from her feverishly anticipated début album ‘Louder‘, dropping on March 4th next year.


Co-written by hit-maker Sia (but obviously), ‘Cannonball‘ is a hugely uplifting piano-driven pop extravaganza. We never had the slightest doubt about Lea’s vocal chops – it’s legendary stuff y’all – and on ‘Cannonball‘, Lea remains devoid of any flaw, as per usual.

I let go of fear and the peace came quickly
I was in the dark and then it hit me
I chose suffering and pain in the falling rain
I know, I gotta get out into the world again’

As the glorious chorus kicks in, Lea’s voice complimented by the stunning melody soars, and it’s all over. ALL OVER! You can’t help but celebrate her inner strength and fiery energy as she chooses to let go of the tragedy that has marred her life this year –

‘And now I will start living today
Today, today I close the door
I got this new beginning and I will fly
I’ll fly like a cannonball’



Lea also unveiled the final track-list for ‘Louder‘ –

1. Cannonball
2. On My Way
3. Burn With You
4. Battlefield
5. You’re Mine
6. Thousand Needles
7. Louder
8. Cue The Rain
9. Don’t Let Go
10. Empty Handed
11. If You Say So

Check out the stellar ‘Cannonball‘ right here :