R. Kelly And Kelly Rowland Unveil Baby Making Slow Jam ‘All The Way’!


Fact : R. Kelly is the undisputed king of panty-dropping baby-making R’n’B.

And with the 46-year-old smooth-crooner’s 12th studio album – poignantly titled ‘Black Panties‘ – dropping on December 10th, we now have a legitimate way to keep ourselves warm during Christmas!

Enter Destiny’s Child diva and R’n’B superstar Kelly Rowland, who has gone from being a survivor (reference!) to a sultry sexpot with stellar cuts like ‘Motivation‘ and ‘Ice‘ – discovering the Janet Jackson hidden inside of her.

In what happens to be a blessing from the gods above, the Kelly’s have decided to collaborate. Finally.


The result? A classic, classic R. Kelly style baby making extravaganza with Kelly Rowland’s steamy, soulful vocals blending in effortlessly over a sensual slow throbbing beat to create, quite easily, one of the best slow-jams of the year titled ‘All The Way‘.

Get your lingeries ready people. It’s buttery smooth, honey laced, naughty and sexy. Do we mind? Hell no!

Can’t wait for ‘Black Panties‘ – I mean the album has a song titled ‘Marry The Pussy‘. Pure Poetry. While on another song titled ‘Cookie‘ – R Kelly proudly declares ‘I love to lick the middle like an oreo‘.

We are not worthy.

Check out R. Kelly and Kelly R. steaming things up in ‘All The Way‘ right here :