Song Premiere : Jamie Lynn Spears’ Surprisingly Good Country Debut ‘How Could I Want More’


Following her older sister Britney Jean Spears’ perfumed footsteps (reference), Jamie Lynn Spears has finally forayed into music – Country music to be precise.


And before you scoff – give the young chanteuse’s début single ‘How Could I Want More‘ a listen. The song sounds approximately nothing like Britney, in case you’re wondering!

Jamie Lynn Spears is no Trisha Yearwood or Leann Rimes, but her first offering is far from disappointing. ‘How Could I Want More‘ is a surprisingly lush Country-Pop production, twang et al, and Jamie’s vocals sound good as she wistfully croons over the effectively melancholic melody. The song could have easily made its way on a Taylor Swift album – especially her all-Country self-titled début effort – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing, considering that Swift has been winning every award on every ceremony EVER.

I have high hopes for Mizz Lynn Spears’ full-length début extravaganza.

Check out Jamie Lynn Spears’ ‘How Could I Want More‘ right here :