Britney Spears’ Sia-Assisted ‘Perfume’ Smells Like A Hit!


And now ladies and gentlemen, here is Britney Spears SINGING!


Too long has been the wait since Britney unveiled a ballad – the last credible one being the epic ‘Every Time‘ from her 2003 smash ‘In The Zone‘.

With the ballad back in fashion (thank you Adelegend), and Miley Cyrus’s iconic tongue (that tongue needs a separate Twitter handle of its own) pushing the tear-jerker ‘Wrecking Ball‘ to #1 globally, the time is just right for Mizz Britney Jean Spears to hop on the ballad train.

And of course, Britney leaves it to the ever-reliable revolutionary Sia to rustle up a ballad titled ‘Perfume‘ to save face after the sassy ‘Work Bitch‘ pretty much went double-aluminium on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at # 12 – measly for a lead single by Britney standards – and dropping out of the top 20 altogether.

Here’s the deal – ‘Perfume‘ is a stunner!

Britney Spears and great vocals are usually never mentioned in the same sentence together – until now. Where were these damn pipes before?

It’s Britney doing a Madonna on the Golden Globe winning ‘Evita‘ soundtrack, or Janet Jackson on the Academy Award nominated # 1 smash ‘Again‘.

Perfume‘ chronicles the same vulnerability Britney displayed on ‘Every Time‘ – the only difference being that she’s really, really grown up this time around.

The soul-laced melody – like most of Sia’s smashes – is the selling point of the song, along with Britney’s full-bodied vocals which she displays, quite literally, for the first time in her career! The lower registers, the higher notes (‘Current Giiiirlfriend/Exgiiiirlfriend‘, the ‘Youuu‘), it’s so un-Britney! Hallelujah!

I’ll never tell, tell on myself, but I hope she smells my perfume‘, Britney genuinely pleads over the mid-tempo pulsations and gorgeous piano chords.

This one actually hits hard, and for all y’all feeling the pangs of a lover/ex-lover you’re still into being in someone else’s arms – get your tissues out!

Perfume‘ is slated to be the second single from Britney’s eighth studio album titled ‘Britney Jean‘, due on December 3.

Undoubtedly, Britney’s most mature and sophisticated track in years!

Check out ‘Perfume‘ right here :