Song Premiere : Lil’ Kim’s ‘Dead Gal Walking’


The Queen Bee of Hip Hop/Rap is back y’all!

Grammy winning Rapstress Supreme Mizz Lil’ Kim FINALLY gives us a taste of ‘Hard Core 2K13‘ – her feverishly anticipated new EP – and seems like the ‘How Many Licks‘ hit-maker ain’t playing this time around!

Dead Gal Walking‘ is a reggae laced slick affair with Mizz Kim spitting some heavy verses after ages – and guess what? No Nicki Minaj disses on this one y’all!

The productions are strong, and I’m glad that Kim’s concentrating more on the lyrics and vocals this time around.

Remember her ‘Black Friday‘ mixtape? Yeah, neither do I.

For a woman who revolutionized Hip Hop/Rap with her double-platinum 1996 debut ‘Hard Core‘, Lil Kim deserves to re-claim her crown once again. Too bad she spent most of the past few years beefing with every rapper in the game from Azaelia Banks to Nicki Minaj.

Well, it’s never too late to make a comeback! Lets hope ‘Hard Core 2K13‘ serves up what genre-bending projects like ‘Hard Core‘, ‘The Notorious KIM‘ and ‘La Bella Maffia‘ did back in the day – cementing her status as Rap’s first lady.

Let’s hope her 5th studio album, which will follow 2005’s # 6-peaking ‘The Naked Truth‘, sees the light of day soon!

Hard Core 2K13‘ is scheduled for a November 29th release.

Check out Lil’ Kim’s ‘Dead Gal Walking‘ right here :