Song Premiere : Britney Spears’ ‘Work Bitch’!


The new era’s here y’all!

Firstly, the word ‘Bitch‘ is sorta becoming Britney’s trademark – not that anyone’s complaining. Ever since she declared ‘It’s Britney, Bitch‘ on ‘Gimme More‘ – the now legendary lead single off ‘Blackout‘, Ms Spears has had the comeback of a lifetime following a downward spiral à la Mariah Carey. For starters she’s added four Hot 100 # 1 Singles to the only one her discography boasted of until then – ‘Baby One More Time‘.

When it ain’t broke, why fix it right? Especially since the lines ‘It’s Will.I.Am And Britney, Bitch‘ scored the aforementioned artists another global # 1 last year with the duet ‘Scream And Shout‘.

Hence, the bitch is back y’all!

The legendary Ms Britney Spears (reference!) has finally unveiled her brand new single titled ‘Work Bitch‘, and the release follows an early leak of the single on the internet last night, a day earlier than the scheduled première date.

Written by Will.I.Am and Otto Jettman, the highly anticipated single pretty much turns out to be what be expected – Britney’s delivered another fierce slice of dance-pop that would make her idols Janet Jackson and Madonna proud!

Work Bitch‘ is a club-banger with all the right ingredients. It’s delirious, it soars, and the breakdown is utterly massive – my fave part of the song!

I can’t wait to hear the new album!

Check out ‘Work Bitch‘ right here :