Stuck In My Head : Sheryl Crow’s ‘Easy’


9-time Grammy Award winning Pop/Rock Goddess Sheryl Suzanne Crow has decided to go Country.

Y’all mad?

In that case I’d advise you to give a listen to the country version of her smash ‘The First Cut Is The Deepest‘, and keep your judgement aside cuz the woman really, really knows the art of storytelling through song – the blueprint for a bona-fide Country smash.

The 51-year old (?!!) cancer survivor has just released her 8th studio album ‘Feels Like Home‘, which also happens to be her first Country album. Unsurprisingly, the set is due to d├ębut within the top 10 of the Billboard 200 Albums Chart later this week, becoming her 9th album to do so!

I just gave the album a coupla listens a while ago, and my verdict? Sheryl Crow has most definitely found herself a home in Nashville!

The critics are raving about it, the fans are embracing it, and the album is most definitely Sheryl’s most genuine effort since 2008’s under-rated ‘Detours‘.

Out of all the songs in the album, the lead single ‘Easy‘ is quite easily Sheryl Crow’s best offering in years – for starters it’s already a top 20 hit on Country Radio.


Firstly, Sheryl’s vocals – she’s been one of the most celebrated vocalists in Pop and Rock, but dare I say that none her vocals have done justice to her previous songs like they have to ‘Easy‘ – she sounds positively divine! What’s with the new crystalline sheen to her voice?

Warning – you will be seduced.

Written by Crow along with Chris DuBois and Jeff Trot, ‘Easy‘ is about a stay-cation. There’s a lot to be done at home when you have a lover as godly as Jason Lewis (Sex And The City) to keep you company. ‘Who needs Mexico?’ – Sheryl croons as Lewis gives her a passionate kiss or two in the Trey Fanjoy-directed clip.

Goose-bumps y’all.

It’s a catchy, carefree and laid-back love-affair that exudes a warmth akin to a gorgeous summer day, or maybe an autumn evening – whatever you prefer. And the melody, I LOVE THE DAMN MELODY.

The song makes me want to fall in love y’all! I know, #reductive.

Addictive, and of course, stuck in my head!

Check out the mesmerizing Sheryl Crow make a much-deserved comeback and conquer new territory with ‘Easy‘!