Ariana Grande Brings Back The 90’s In ‘Baby I’ Video!


The 90’s basically represent all things good in music y’all – and Ariana Grande has decided to bring back a slice of the bygone era (that’s right – we’re menopausal) in the video for her second single ‘Baby I‘ from her highly anticipated début album ‘Yours Truly‘ – which dropped earlier this week, and is logged in a fierce chart battle (and possibly winning – woof!!) with Tamar Braxton’s new album ‘Love And War‘ to top the Billboard 200 Albums Chart later this week.

You go gurrl!!

Think Mariah Carey’s ‘Fantasy‘ blended in with some Janet Jackson’s ‘You Want This‘ style-choreography, with a little of Brandy’s ‘Baby‘ thrown in. Oh and Paula Abdul’s ‘Cold Hearted‘ video makes an impression here as well, with the dancers climbing all over those construction thingies.

That’s right – Ariana’s got 90’s style on lock! And basically she represents one thing that’s been missing from music lately – fun.

BRB. Busy listening to Mariah’s ‘Daydream‘ CD on loop, while wiping the dust of Brandy’s début CD.

Check out Ariana’s ‘Baby I‘ video right here :

  • michelle

    her outfit is so geat