Celine Dion Unveils Sia-Penned ‘Loved Me Back To Life’, Commence Mass Hysteria!


And now, basic lessers may just take several seats and watch a legend rise again!

Celine Dion is back after a painfully long 6-year hiatus with a brand new single titled ‘Loved Me Back To Life‘, the first to preview her brand new English language album of the same name, scheduled for release on November 5th.

The icing on the cake? The song is penned by none other than Sia (who else, really), and after the very first listen it becomes obvious what Dion’s voice can do to what Sia creates! I mean she made Rihanna ‘sing‘ y’all – imagine Celine’s vocals soaring over Sia’s usually moody and haunting melodies. Well you don’t need to actually, we have the song right here for you!

Produced by Sham and Motesart, ‘Loved Me Back To Life‘ is certainly new ground for Celine, as she tones it down a notch over a lower register through most of the song – until she hits the high notes with the chorus (‘brought me back to lii-iife‘). Chills, mostly.

And this is definitely the right way to go for Celine instead of the more ‘urban’ direction she chose for her last album, ‘Taking Chances‘, which I have to admit was possibly her least impressive album off her iconic discography. Lets leave the ‘urban’ sound to Keri Hilson and Ciara?

Either way, the voice returns y’all! And I CANNOT WAIT for the album!

Check out Celine make a much awaited comeback right here!