Lady Gaga Is Lady Ga-Goose In ‘Applause’ Video – The World Remains Irrelevant.


It’s a new Gaga video y’all – which means endless years of trying to figure out what this woman really wants to say. The universe will never really know right?

The feverishly anticipated video for ‘Applause‘ – definitely her best song in ages – is ALL Gaga, which extrapolates to the clip being a Reverse Warholian Madness resembling the love-child of David Bowie and Grace Jones.

The Inez and Vinoodh-directed clip is all over the place. And fierce is the word for this one!

Firstly, the bras. Sublime!

The hand-bra screams Janet Jackson’s 1993 iconic ‘janet.’ album cover, and that ain’t so bad though,since Gaga is a self-confessed Janatic (bless her). And then there’s the clam-shell bra, where she poses as Botticelli’s ‘The Birth Of Venus‘. ARTPOP remember?

Secondly the choreography. Fierceness!

With a hip-surgery leaving her immobile for months, the woman has brought back those moves that could slay any pop-vixen in the game. Go Gaga!

Thirdly, the weirdness. But of course!

Gaga’s head atop a black swan/goose? The giant leg-thingie she carries around on the runway? But then what would I know, I’m only human y’all!


Check out the Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause‘ right here :