Stuck In My Head : Robin Thicke’s ‘Take It Easy On Me’


America’s blue-eyed soul boy and serial panty-dropper Robin Thicke has lately been the sole reason for global warming y’all. If you haven’t seen his cheeky video for his single ‘Blurred Lines‘, your life is really 50% less interesting than what it should have been.

Baby-making jams aren’t exactly new to Thicke, I mean have you heardLost Without U‘? I rest my case. A pity, really, that the world at large ignored his impressive discography which dates back to as far as 2003, when he dropped his début album ‘A Beautiful World‘ which went largely unnoticed, peaking at a measly # 152 on the Billboard Charts.

With ‘Blurred Lines‘ (featuring Pharrell) topping the Billboard Hot 100, UK Top 40, The Canadian Hot 100, the ARIA Charts – Thicke (pardon the pun) has finally arrived.

Thicke’s 6th studio album ‘Blurred Lines‘ is scheduled for release on the 30th of July, and prior to the release, as is the norm lately, we’ve been bestowed by a few leaks from the feverishly anticipated set.

Of course, he sings about sex in the latest leak from his album, the Timbaland assisted club banger ‘Take It Easy On Me‘. I believe lyrics like ‘When I look right through your dress I want your cherry pie‘ aren’t exactly about the arms deal in Libya. Also, shopping for underwear sounds blessedly intriguing when it’s Thicke singing about it.

I’m totally feeling this one! Pardon me, while I update my baby-making playlist and sweat it out.

Check out the steamy new leak by Robin Thicke ‘Take It Easy On Me‘ right here :