Fantasia Joins Forces With Kelly Rowland And Missy Elliott For Sassy ‘Without Me’ Clip!


Grammy winning R’n’B royalty Fantasia Barrino’s come a long, long way since her American Idol win and the subsequent # 1 début of her very first single ‘I Believe‘ on the Billboard Hot 100 – suicide attempts, awards galore and multi-million selling albums and singles in tow . I can’t believe it’s been a decade since she arrived y’all!

With her fourth studio album ‘Side Effects Of You‘ debuting at # 1 on the R’n’B/Hip Hop Albums Chart and at # 2 on the Billboard 200 a few weeks ago, Fantasia’s longevity on the charts is commendable – unlike a majority of American Idol alumni (apart for Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Daughtry and Adam Lambert) who disappear charting their first few singles and album following the initial hype (remember Taylor Hicks? I don’t either).

I love the new album, and if y’all haven’t heard it, I suggest you get off your asses and get yourself a copy pronto.

The Soul songstress teams up with fellow Grammy winning R’n’B maestra Kelly Rowland and Rap icon Missy Elliott for the sassy clip accompanying the second single released from the album, the feisty break-up jam ‘Without Me‘.

The Gomillion and Leupold-directed clip is all kindsa chic and slick, with Fantasia and Kelly looking smokin’ hot. I actually love the minimal choreography – it oozes just enough sass, and the ladies get their sexy on with those moves.

But, as per usual, the highlight of any video which features the legendary Mizz Missy Elliott, is, well, the legendary Mizz Missy Elliott herself! I honestly can’t get enough of this woman y’all – I’ve been dying everyday waiting for the follow up to her 2005 masterpiece ‘The Cookbook‘.

Missy spits her classic verses with ample ease, looking gorgeous in a mohawk. It’s MISSY y’all – her mere presence in a video slays the entire videography of your faves.

Check out the sassy affair right here :