Song Premiere : M.I.A’s ‘Bring The Noize’


As we all know – thanks to M.I.A’s classic power anthem – bad girls really, really do it well y’all.

After rocking 2012 with literally one of the best music videos in the history of EVER (and certainly a more human, watchable and rather timid clip as compared to the genocide depicting nausea-inducing ‘Born Free‘ video which showed innocent kids being slaughtered), Miss Mathangi Maya Arulpragasam aka M.I.A is back with yet another new single from her feverishly anticipated and endlessly delayed fourth studio album ‘Matangi‘.

Bring The Noize‘ is a Switch and Surin produced summer banger – pretty much what we have come to expect from M.I.A. ┬áSonically a more edgy affair than the laid-back vibe of ‘Bad Girls‘, M.I.A spits her usual fiery verses over relentless pounding drums and some jarring electronica.

Overall, there’s a whole lotta noise involved.

I wouldn’t say I’m overjoyed with this clip, especially since ‘Bring The Noize‘ follows the stellar productions of ‘Bad Girls‘ that easily stands out as a career milestone for M.I.A. Maybe a bit too, umm, noizy for me?

I’d prefer M.I.A’s sound in the flawless ‘Kala‘ or the largely under-estimated ‘Arular‘ – undoubtedly two of her best albums till date – where sonically she kept it refined irrespective of experimenting with some banging beats and chopped up vocals (‘Bird Flu‘, ‘Bamboo Banger‘, ‘Sunshowers‘ and ‘Galang‘ anyone?).

Check out M.I.A’s ‘Bring The Noize‘ right here :