Stuck In My Head : ‘Flapper Girl’ By The Lumineers


Denver-based folk-rock trio The Lumineers, currently spearheading the roots-revival extravaganza doing the rounds of most credible charts around the world, have already sold in excess of 2 million units of their Billboard # 2-peaking Platinum-certified self-titled d├ębut album globally, led by the unprecedented success of ‘Ho Hey‘ – an irresistibly catchy primal country-folk-drenched affair (Billboard Hot 100 # 3, UK # 8, ARIA # 3).

Of course, the runaway success of the million-plus selling single and album have earned Wesley Schultz, Jeremiah Fraites and Neyla Pekarek two coveted Grammy nominations already.

In all honesty, I’ve never really cared much for ‘Ho Hey’, I usually listen to it occasionally if it comes up on my playlist by chance, or if I play the album as a whole. The song which I’m completely addicted to is the gentle piano ditty ‘Flapper Girl‘, a simple song that flows beautifully over a steady pace, easily conjuring images of a black-and-white film.

Flapper Girl‘ easily stands out from the rest of the songs on the album, given their rustic and eclectic sound, but fits in due to the overall grace it exudes (mostly due to the gorgeous melody), definitely contributing to the overall sense of endearing honesty that infuses the album.

The old-fashioned love-lorn lyrics blend in seamlessly with the gentle melody.

‘If you ain’t behind my door
Then I ain’t got a home anymore

Would you write, would you call back baby if
I wrote you a song
I been gone but you’re still my lady and
I need you at home’

This one’s definitely an ear-worm!

Give ‘The Lumineers‘ a listen if you haven’t already, the album’s been out for almost a year now. And check out ‘Flapper Girl‘ right here :