Song Premiere : Kelly Rowland’s ‘You’ve Changed’ Featuring Beyonce And Michelle Williams!


Mizz Kelly Row-legend’s new album ‘Talk A Good Game‘ (due June 18th) is shaping up to be all kindsa iconic y’all.

Firstly, the album cover displaying her banging new bod. Janet Jackson’s ‘Janet.‘ boobies anyone? Mizz Rowland ain’t playing.

And the Janet inspiration doesn’t stop there – Mizz Rowland goes, umm, deep with the official first single –  ‘Kisses Down Low‘, her unabashed ode to the fine art of cunnilingus, slaying the likes of Flo Rida and Lil’ Wayne who make it a point to receive their kisses down low in EVERY SONG EVER. Get ‘em gurl!

While her fans, aka the ‘Rowland Stones’ were busy arching their backs, Mizz Rowland mesmerized the world with what happened to be her most honest and heart-felt single till date – ‘Dirty Laundry‘, where she finally talked about her equation with Beyoncé, and getting out of an abusive relationship.

While we’re yet to recover from the blow of ‘Dirty Laundry‘, her highly anticipated collaboration with her soul sisters – Destiny’s Child members Beyoncé and Michelle Williams has just surfaced!


You’ve Changed‘ is a mid-tempo R’n’B/Soul jam that sounds like a mellow throwback to the sound of the 90’s. It’s Destiny’s Child-levels of soulful, and I’m pretty sure a bazillion DC fans have collectively started screaming while cleaning the dust off ‘The Writing’s On The Wall‘ CD lying on the shelf somewhere, in anticipation of a reunion. BRB peeps, dusting in progress.

Can’t wait for ‘Talk A Good Game‘! Definitely Kelly Rowland’s most ambitious project till date.

Check out Kelly Rowland’s ‘You’ve Changed‘ featuring Beyoncé And Michelle Willams right here :