Stuck In My Head : Kacey Musgraves’ ‘Keep It To Yourself’

24-year-old Texas-based country newbie Kacey Musgraves might very well be the woman with an edge in all the right places this year.

Her major label début (she’s released 3 prior albums independently) ‘Same Trailer, Different Park‘  (released on March 19th, 2013) has critics raving about her forthright, rather detached, yet honest songwriting abilities – shades of Miranda Lambert meets Aimee Mann right there on the very first listen.

The charts and fans have been more than receptive of Musgraves – ‘Same Trailer, Different Park‘ blasted straight to # 1 on the Billboard Country Albums Chart as well as # 2 on the Billboard 200 on the week of its release, and the buzz following the album release seems to be well justified. Possibly cuz Musgraves demonstrates ample crossover potential along the lines of Taylor Swift – of course with rather shrewd songwriting skills ( I don’t see Taylor Swift endorsing gay relationships like Musgraves in the ballsy ‘Follow Your Arrow‘).

The album is a well-balanced package – generous doses of cynicism blending in with stories of mundane small-town life, love stories and hypocrisy, it’s all there.

Out of the many beauties scattered across the album, the one song which has managed to literally EAT MY HEAD is the completely sublime and lush ‘Keep It To Yourself‘ – a gentle yet firm nod to an ex who wants to make it work again.

Musgraves’ plaintive voice works wonders for the song, a subtle vulnerability comes across in the lovelorn number where she asks her ex to keep his feelings to himself – after he realizes what he has lost. It’s the melody and the overall tone of the song which works for me – the sensitivity weaves its way through the song. It’s melancholy at it’s best – it makes you reminisce of a love gone by.

‘You heard from your friends
That I’m doing okay
And you’re thinking, maybe you made a mistake
And you want me to know
But I don’t wanna know
How you’re feeling’

She softly croons after the starting strains of the song – effectively putting her ex in his place before she launches into the soul-drenched chorus.

There’s nothing sassy or nasty about the song – rather a Taylor Swift template would be an effective way to describe it. But it’s how the song proceeds and finally ends that sets it apart – an honest picture of solitude. The pain is palpable – and the fact that she’s moved on is evident.

‘Keep it to yourself
If you think that you still love me
Put it on a shelf
If you’re looking for someone
Make it someone else
When you’re drunk
And it’s late
And you’re missing me like hell
Keep it to yourself’

I hope this one’s the next single after the Gold-certified ‘Merry Go ‘Round‘.

Check out ‘Keep It To Yourself‘ right here, and if you enjoy music by Miranda Lambert, Pistol Annies and a bunch of forthright country vocalists making some major waves lately, ‘Same Trailer, Different Park‘ is an album you should definitely check out.

Here’s a live version of the song as well, Kacey’s ample vocal prowess is well displayed in this one.