Video Premiere : Jessie Ware’s ‘Imagine It Was Us’

Seriously y’all, if you guys have yet to listen to British Nu-Soul/Pop chanteuse Jessie Ware’s Mercury Prize-nominated début extravaganza and possibly one of the best albums of 2012, the gloriously lush ‘Devotion‘, there’s something MAJORLY wrong with you.

With the album already slaying the UK charts, a splash across the pond on the Billboard Charts is very much in order,and to build up the hype, Miss Ware has unleashed a brand new bonus track for the US release of ‘Devotion‘.

Think Sade on a high, drunk on Madonna.

That’s precisely what Jessie aims for in the serenely dark 90’s disco-pumped synth-laced ‘Imagine It Was Us‘, easily conjuring memories of Madonna’s ‘Deeper And Deeper‘.

The Julio Bashmore-produced single (one of the two new tracks for the US release of ‘Devotion‘) is accompanied by an equally flawless video shot by Kate Moross, and Jessie’s smooth moves are all that I need to go back to the 90’s.


Check out Jessie Ware’s ‘Imagine It Was Us‘ video right here :