Video Premiere : Justin Timberlake’s ‘Mirrors’

With ‘The 20/20 Experience‘ projected to sell over half a million units in the US alone by tonight, ex N’Sync-er, Janet Jackson’s wardrobe malfunction-er, and overall pop awesomeness Justin Timberlake has just about done EVERYTHING to make sure his third studio album brings sexy back in style, yet again.

Of course, that wouldn’t have been possible without an 8-minute long visual epic for the second single ‘Mirrors‘ (which is on a 3 week rampage atop the UK Top 40 Singles Chart this week) from the album.

Enter famed Italian director Floria Sigismondi, the woman behind visual masterpieces like Bjork’s ‘I’ve Seen It All‘, David Bowie’s ‘Little Wonder‘, Sarah McLachlan’s ‘Sweet Surrender‘, Christina Aguilera’s ‘Fighter‘ and recently Pink’s brilliant new clip for ‘Try‘.

And what we have is an artsy, fancy clip for ‘Mirrors‘, replete with subtle references to Justin’s personal life, especially the recent passing of his grandfather. It’s a story about love that stands the test of time, and Timberlake himself makes an appearance in the second half of the video, demonstrating some of his signature moves, while the first half solely focuses on the love story of an elderly couple.

Check out the video for ‘Mirrors‘ right here :