Video Premiere : Kelly Rowland’s ‘Kisses Down Low’

Let’s just say that Kelly Rowland’s brand new ode to cunnilingus is a befitting reply to the 75 trillion songs about receiving oral gratification that maestros Flo Rida/Lil Wayne/Pitbull have sent to the upper regions of the Billboard Top 40. The girl’s got a vag y’all – and now she’s unveiled a set of balls as well by unabashedly announcing she wants her flower taken care of – orally.


While Mizz Kellegendry Rowland is not too busy arching her back while channeling her idol Janet Jackson in her brand new baby-making extravaganza ‘Kisses Down Low‘, a song about, well, receiving kisses (and some more) down her nether regions – she is busy taking tips from fellow vag-owners Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj by going all shades of bright rainbow in the video for the song.

The Colin Tilley-directed clip for ‘Kisses Down Low‘ has the ‘Ice‘ chanteuse unveiling a banging hot bod that Janet would be proud of, and that’s about it.

A plethora of colorful shots, a retro-bikini, a fancy red wig, some serious swag – and approximately no shots of Mizz Rowland receiving any kisses down low whatsoever. Well, as long as she’s getting them in real. #YOLO

Kisses Down Low‘ is tentatively the first single from Kelly’s forthcoming album ‘Talk A Good Game‘ scheduled for release later this year.

Check out the video right here :