Song Premiere : Yuna And Owl City’s ‘Shine Your Way’

And now, for something incredibly summery!

Seems like Adam Young aka Owl City has decided that summer duets are the way to go, as far as being a chart staple is concerned. Post ‘Fireflies‘, his only Billboard # 1 single, Owl City’s chart success has been approximately non existent, irrespective of him releasing some rather slay-worthy material.

Until last year, when he teamed up with a certain Mizz Carly Rae Jepsen to land one of the biggest hits of 2012 and a bona fide summer smash ‘Good Times‘, his first top 10 hit since ‘Fireflies‘.

And of course, when it ain’t broke, don’t fix it right?

Owl City has teamed up with one of the brightest talents the other side of the world has to offer, the endlessly flawless Malaysian chanteuse Yuna, to come up with an effectively amazing spring-summer smash titled ‘Shine Your Way‘ – their contribution to the soundtrack of the animated film ‘The Croods‘.

Shine Your Way‘ is an objectively perfect slice of pop-excellence, and with both Young and Yuna’s voices complementing each other seamlessly over synths and playful beats, looks like Yuna’s finally set to break into the US charts.

I’m totally digging this one. Give it a listen right here :