Janet Jackson Honored At amfAR Gala, Refuses To Look Older Than 20!

You see the thing with Goddess Janet Jackson, otherwise known as the Queen Of Pop/Dance/R’n’B/Hip-Hop/Rap/Speed Metal/Country/Neo-Soul/Folktronica/Bluegrass/Super Bowl/Nipple Rings, is that she clearly knows HOW NOT TO LOOK A DAY OLDER THAN 20, and frankly, your faves could quite literally never.


The 46-year-old Icon/Legend took to the anfAR stage the day before yesterday at their New York gala, to be honored for her relentless crusade against AIDS, looking jaw-droppingly gorgeous in a sheer backless black dress.

Flaws? None to be found at all.  Clearly, billionaire fiancé Wissam Al Mana is doing SOMETHING right y’all.

The ‘Rhythm Nation‘ chanteuse, one of the biggest selling vocalists of all time, was introduced by Maria Davis – a HIV positive activist successfully battling AIDS for over 18 years.

‘Wherever she goes, and whether she’s singing, speaking, or tweeting, Janet’s beautiful voice is the voice of compassion, tolerance, humanity, and generosity. As someone who has benefited so much from the research amfAR has funded, I want to salute you, Janet, for your unwavering support. You are a wonderful friend and ally to all of us who are living each day with HIV. Today I live life to the fullest – as if every day were my last. I live with hope. And I live with gratitude. And I still have big dreams.’


Back in 1997, Mizz Janet took her fight against AIDS to a whole new level when her single ‘Together Again‘ – a tribute to friends she lost to AIDS – topped charts globally and went on to sell a massive 6 million copies worldwide. Random Janatics like me educated ourselves about the disease, and the message of compassion and tolerance Janet delivered was emblazoned in our minds, loud and clear.

Janet (Miss Jackson if ya nasty), a 5-time Grammy Award winner and an Oscar nominee with over 150 million records sold worldwide, looked no older than Rihanna as she graciously accepted the honor.

‘Thank you. I feel like this honor is too much too soon. I consider myself a very private person who feels that the war on AIDS must be made public.

We all know that there are treatments for HIV; but there is no cure. There is great work ahead.

My love and appreciation to amfAR, the doctors, researchers, contributors, volunteers and every person impacted by HIV/AIDS.

And most of all to the One above who makes all things possible and who guides us through this battle.’


Janet, the Holy Jackson, unsurprisingly remains EVERYTHING.

Now, could we PLEASE HAVE THE NEW ALBUM JANET? I’m in severe need of some inspiration here. It’s been painfully long since ‘Discipline‘, and Janatics around the world are planning to sacrifice a gabby goat and smear their faces with its blood in protest, while dancing the ‘Gangnam Style‘ dance to La Toya Jackson’s 1984 Billboard # 100 peaking smash ‘Hot Potato‘.

And now, ladies and gents, Janet’s back.