Jewel Recreates ‘Foolish Games’ With Kelly Clarkson For ‘Greatest Hits’ Releasing February 5th

Y’all know how at times certain duets render us completely speechless?


Songstress supreme Jewel is all set to revisit her discography with ‘Greatest Hits‘, her first ever greatest hits collection scheduled for a February 5th release. 18 years worth of slay-worthy music. Exciting, no?


Bow down.

Two of the singer’s most ICONIC tracks have been reworked with some very, very special guests.

You Were Meant For Me‘ and ‘Foolish Games‘ – Jewel’s biggest hits till date (peaking at # 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and spending an astounding 65 weeks on the chart), both from her twelve times platinum-certified d├ębut album ‘Pieces Of You‘ (released in 1995) have received some rather special treatment. While the reworked ‘You Were Meant For Me‘ features country trio Pistol Annies (including Miranda Lambert), ‘Foolish Games‘ features the flawless Kelly Clarkson – and the song has just surfaced online.

I’ll harp about ‘You Were Meant For Me‘ as soon as I get my hands on it. But OMG ‘Foolish Games‘?! As if the original wasn’t enough to send shivers down my spine, the duet is a howl-worthy extravaganza y’all. Get enough tissue before you drown in what seems like a thousand angels serenading your mind.

Firstly, Kelly Clarkson’s American Idol era voice is back. As much as I loved what she had to offer on ‘Stronger‘, it wasn’t exactly her best effort vocally (especially on the title track). Jewel retains every bit of the innocence of her legendary instrument of a voice – she hasn’t changed AT ALL since 1995 – and together, they sound nothing short of magical. Subdued, vulnerable and yet every bit as powerful – especially towards the end when both the women reach a triumphant crescendo – this is one duet that slays the original.

Give it a listen y’all. And pass me the tissue box please?