Throwback Tuesday : Brandy’s ‘Full Moon’

‘Must be a full moon,

feels like one of those nights..’

Blessed is the world, to receive an album like ‘Full Moon‘, from one of R’n’B’s foremost game-changers.

On February 25, 2002, soul chameleon Brandy unleashed what would be hailed as her version of Janet Jackson’s ‘Control‘ – her 3rd studio effort titled ‘Full Moon‘.

Following up a 14 million-selling Grammy winning global smash (her sophomore effort ‘Never Say Never‘) is not exactly a cakewalk – and with the progressively futuristic sounding coming-of-age extravaganza ‘Full Moon‘, Brandy eclipsed all that she had already achieved, and firmly put her name back on the map after a 4-year hiatus.

Full Moon‘ was (and still is) one of those CD’s that I can listen to without skipping a single song. Although the lead single, the avant-r’n’b/dubstep/neo-soul/crunk’n’b-tinged ‘What About Us‘ set the pace for the edgier sound of the album (and turned out to be one of her biggest hits), it’s the title track (and the album’s second single) that remains a perennial fave, a song that I still bump to on a regular basis.

A solid slice of hypnotic urban-contemporary excellence, the mellow ‘Full Moon‘ was ALL about Brandy’s rich vocals.

Honestly, I had never heard anything like it before, and I was smitten the first time I heard the song. Gorgeously lush and gritty at the same time, the song re-defined the very concept of  ‘love at first sight’.

Brandy’s honeyed vocals flow smoothly over an understated bass-heavy beat, as she pursues her object of desire, cooing –

‘The way you turned around and looked at me seemed as though,
You must’ve somehow felt me staring on the low,
Something tells me you’re the kind of guy I’d like to get to know..’

With ‘Full Moon‘, Brandy finally arrived as a grown woman. Debuting at # 1 on the Billboard R’n’B/Hip Hop Albums Chart, and at # 2 on the Billboard 200 – ‘Full Moon‘ the album went on to achieve a Platinum certification in the US for sales of over 1 million units. The title track, probably my fave Brandy song of all time, made it to the top 20 of both the US and the UK charts – the second song to make it to the top 20 from the album following the global top 10 smash ‘What About Us‘.

I still can’t get enough of the song to this day (it’s been a decade since I first heard it y’all). The mystical piano intro and the triumphant bass-line takes me back to my happy place – slip it in my playlist and watch me move y’all! To me the song represents adventure. I’d probably listen to it before going to a club – and revel in the possibility of meeting someone new, letting it all go and surrendering to the beat.

Check out the incredible Chris Robinson-directed clip for ‘Full Moon‘ right here :