Video Premiere : Cheryl Cole’s ‘Ghetto Baby’

The forever flawless Cheryl Cole has decided that it’s just too cold for everyone’s comfort these days.

Hence, she’s taken upon herself to LITERALLY STEAM UP THE ENTIRE GALAXY with her salaciously seductive moves in her raunchy new video ‘Ghetto Baby‘ from her 3rd studio album, the rather under-performing ‘A Million Lights‘.

Written by the equally free of flaw Lana Del Rey, the song is easily one of the best cuts on the album (but of course).

The John Rankin Waddell directed video sees the Girls Aloud alumni demonstrate some smooth moves on the floor, with boyfriend Tre Holloway in tow, sans his shirt, as she seductively coos ‘I’m running temperatures thinking of your love, boo.‘ Clearly, keeping Christmas a family affair is not her priority here.

Check out the steaming hot new video right here :